Moy Bayley Hay Moy Bayley-Hay; Administrative Ministry Leader

The main purpose of the administrative team is to provide services to the local body by organizing, planning, and performing various administrative tasks to encourage and enable the effective and efficient operation of the entire church on a daily basis. Our support staff is the central informational liaison for the church and we believe that we’re not just called to perform physical tasks, but to also help spread the Lord’s gospel to others through our service and support.  The spiritual work that we strive to perform entails being a bridge that gaps our local body of believers with the local community and the world at large.  We hope to fulfill this ministry’s true endeavor of going out and making disciples by offering information through various media outlets which can be used by any Christ follower who desires to grow their spiritual relationship with the Lord. 

4Nancy Stevenson; Care Ministry Leader

All believers are called to come alongside other people to help in the time of need. We are committed to providing comfort and care to the church family as well as the neighbors and friends of The Church at Columbia. It is our desire to demonstrate and encourage Koinonia within the body and increase the loving care of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Through various in house support ventures and community outreach efforts we ensure that spiritual and tangible needs are meant not just through a worship experience, but also through the outpouring of compassion we strive to extend to everyone. We know and understand that we are literally God’s hands and feet and are the extension through which His love is shared with all. 

Simone Henry-PrinceSimone Henry-Prince; Children’s Ministry Leader

Children are precious in God’s sight and as Psalm 123:3 states, they are a gift from Him.  It is an awesome responsibility to shepherd their hearts and minds into ones who know and love the Lord and will grow with the knowledge that He loves them as well. We pray that our love for Jesus shines through to each and every child with whom we interact. We hope that we will not just impact the formative years of our young people, but that we create an everlasting impact that will follow each child through their entire lifetime.  The main goal of the Children’s Ministry is to create a safe environment where children will be encouraged to love and obey God, to love and obey their parents, and to be kind to one another.     

Blossom Winfree 2Blossom Winfree; Hospitality Ministry Leader

Christians are “God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works” (Ephesians 2:10). As followers of Christ, we emulate His love and compassion when we show hospitality, not only to fellow Christians, but even more so to strangers and the less fortunate. The purpose of the Hospitality Ministry is to serve the church family by providing the appropriate food and atmosphere during times of weekly fellowship gatherings, church wide events and special needs of the church family. The Hospitality Ministry also greets visitors and makes sure that their needs are meant during and even after their visit.  Wherever and whenever people need us, there we can be neighbors and, like Christ, show mercy. This is the essence of hospitality.

2Marquita Wortham; Worship Leader

“Worship is all that we are, reacting rightly to all that He is”, John MacArthur. The Church at Columbia worship ministry seeks to worship God first with our hearts. Worship is the outpouring of how we live our daily lives. Sunday morning is the corporate exaltation of our heavenly Father. We are a diverse music ministry where the style of music encompasses everything from beloved hymns of old to contemporary Christian music to original songs placed on our hearts by The Lord. We are committed to studying and implementing worship that fosters a deeper intimacy with God.